An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can add significant value to your home by providing an additional interior environment or a new source of making money. To make the most of your ADU, you must properly outfit it. If you plan to furnish your ADU, below are some pointers from the design gurus.

  • High Ceilings Make Rooms Appear Larger

High ceilings use the vertical square area to make a much bigger space. Most ADU regulations enable owners to construct up to 16 feet without losing other area footage. Raised or gabled roofs are also wonderful choices, as is a mixture.

Many ADUs use their height by adding a second-story “loft” for storage or resting. High ceilings can make the interior quarters feel bigger while providing more functional square footage.

  • Expand it with the Mirrors

Mirrors are an architectural developer’s soul mate when it relates to establishing additional space. A mirror positioned in front of a window is good since it will reflect ambient daylight across the ADU. If that isn’t practical or desirable, we suggest putting a mirror opposite a wall lighting.

To maximize your ADU’s accessibility and comfort, keep physical and visible clutter to a minimum. According to experts, sometimes it’s only the color palette that has an impact, and remember to choose one that fits your decor. But, it is still strongly advised that you select bright hues to create the sense of a larger room. You can even improve the illusion by placing a mirror in the room.

  • Consider Wall Space

Wall space is typically used for decorating in bigger houses, but in an ADU, attaching items to the wall can maximize your area and keep everything clutter-free. For instance, rather than other amusement units or media centers that use up important floor areas, consider shopping for TV stands installed on the wall. 

  • Incorporate Built-in Bedroom Accessories

The bedroom in your ADU may only be used for sleeping, especially if it is small. On the other hand, a bigger ADU bedroom could serve as a workstation. Built-in elements work well in both tiny and large ADU bedrooms. In a tiny space, you can add built-in storage shelves, preventing full cabinets from occupying valuable space. A built-in table and shelving can give a workstation if the room is larger. 

  • Use Wallpaper to Add Color

It can be difficult to determine your space’s color story. After all, the improper color might detract from the area and make it appear much smaller! Adhere to basic colors to prevent picking a terrible color. “Simple color palettes help open up a room and make it appear broader,” says Jennifer Matthews of Tempaper. “The colors can be eye-catching, but maintaining the tones constant across the area will assist.”

If you prefer to switch it up, peel-and-stick wallpapers will help you refresh your house frequently without feeling bound to one style.

Summing Up

Creating an efficient arrangement for your ADU necessitates careful design from the beginning. You should seek the assistance of experts if you want the whole process to go successfully. A competent home remodeling firm will also provide you with additional possibilities that you might have neglected during the design phase.