The kitchen is most definitely the center point of your home. Not living rooms, not dining rooms, but kitchens are where the whole family, friends, or parties are focused around for days. Hence, choosing the right kinds of lights for your kitchen islands becomes immensely important in setting the right mood, and the lights should be shining your kitchen to its full potential.

The lights should highlight your kitchen design and style to its best extent. Keep the lighting plans in mind while designing your kitchen remodeling plan, and keep the design in mind while planning the lighting system. This works both ways. In this 21st century, as open kitchens become increasingly trendy, kitchen islands have become an essential element. 

We have gathered the best kitchen island top lighting ideas for you to get some inspiration:

  • Adjustable Fall and Rise Pendant Lights

The most tricky part of the kitchen island top is its position, where it can be distributed over the work and eating island space perfectly. Undoubtedly, the correct height position of light pendants is never easily found. So why not opt for adjustable light pendants that can be lowered or raised according to needs?

You will definitely experience better flexibility and ease with rising and fall pendant lights. These lights usually come with pully systems that make repositioning immensely easy.

  • Statement Chandeliers to make it Grand

Statement chandeliers can make all the difference if you want to make a grand gesture. But make sure you are choosing chandelier sizes that suit the proportion of your island that you wish to keep illuminated. Going for large pendant clusters or light fittings is better to make the light spread better than tiny little pendants.

Chandeliers are chosen in classic vintage styles that hand in a pair high above the kitchen islands. These high vintage chandeliers add a statement to the central island style in a kitchen. We recommend you position them at different heights to create a visually appealing perspective, but make sure they are positioned high enough to not get in the way of work.

  • Built-in Lights in Island Extractor

Island extractors are one of the best inventions for kitchens as they pull all the steam, grease, and odor away from the kitchen and make it hassle-free to work in. Not only this, but island extractors are also highly convenient for the lighting system as they feature lights in proportion with the kitchen island and spread the light equally.

Make sure the island extractor’s size is in proportion with the kitchen island so that no vapors escape on the sides of the extractor. A hood with built-in lighting is the best choice you can make for your kitchen.

  • Soft Lights for Relaxed Mood

Think before you choose the lighting. Is it for dinner space? Or for food preparation used as a part of the kitchen? For dinner spaces, soft lights can be the best option to set a calm and relaxed mood during your meals. So opt for soft lights if you want to enjoy dinner in a calm environment.

Final Thoughts

Be it hanging lights, chandeliers, or flexible pendant lights, make sure the design and style of the lights you choose match the design and style of your kitchen to complete the look perfectly.