If you plan to remodel your home, you must know the perfect order to follow. Remodeling might seem too hard, but it never is once you have the entire order planned out. Planning the order of rooms to be renovated can be of great help when it comes to getting your house remodeled alongside staying there.

Continue reading to learn more about the perfect order you should remodel the rooms in your house.

  1. The Kitchen

The kitchen should always be your priority, so you can at least order food while sitting comfortably in your living room to have a meal with your family. You won’t need to deal with the mess of the remodeling in the other room as the professionals will take care of one room at a time. So, gather around the material, call in the pro, and start the home remodeling project.

  1. The Main Bedroom

After the kitchen, your bedroom needs to be the first thing that has to be remodeled. Otherwise, where will you sleep when the other rooms are getting remodeled? So, renovate your main bedroom first while you sleep in the living room for a few days.

  1. The Bathroom

Once your kitchen and bedroom are done, you need to get started with the bathroom, as these 3 are the most prominent parts of the house. Bathroom remodeling also doesn’t take too much time, so it should be ready in less than six weeks, which is lesser than the other parts of the house.

  1. The Living Room

Once you’re done with the other main parts of the house, you have to start with the living room. After all, it is also one of the parts of the place where you can gather around with your family and have a sophisticated discussion over any topic or even watch a movie together.

  1. Other Bedrooms

Of course, if you have more than one bedroom in your house, they need a new look after your entire home gets it after the remodeling. So, after you’re done with the main parts of the house, continue with the extra bedrooms to get remodeled on time.

  1. Other Than Rooms

If you have a backyard or want to get to the front of your house, you need to get to those after you’re done with the entire house and the extra rooms. The front of the house deserves remodeling too, so you leave a lingering first impression on your guests. Whether it’s the backyard, the attic, or a patio, remodeling should be their destination, so you are rewarded with an entirely new house without moving areas.

Final Verdict

If you follow the order mentioned above while remodeling your house, you won’t ever have to deal with an uncomfortable spot in your home. You will be comfortable in your living room while your bedroom is remodeling and vice versa when the living room is remodeling.