Adding a dwelling unit, or ADU, to your house is a wise decision to add not only a living area but also substantial value to your property. ADUs are frequently built as long-term leases or additional family members’ quarters. So, whether you want to earn extra income or need more floor area for more living space, an ADU might be an excellent choice.

The following are the five most prevalent types of ADUs that you can opt for:

1- Detached ADUs

Detached ADUs are yard dwellings separate from any other structure on the land. These ADUs are ideal for renters who want to keep their privacy or for families that want to live independently on a property. 

Since these units stand apart from the house in their open area, new housing tends to be simpler – not reliant on the structure or condition of the principal dwelling or garage.

2- Addition ADU

ADUs have become a common addition to homes in recent decades, and this is because they use a simple approach to extend rooms within the property’s current structure. ADU extensions that extend into the backyard or add-ons to the rooftop of a garage are the most typical types of addition ADUs.

If you’re building this style of ADU for a teenager, consider connecting the entryway to the house. A separate entrance can lead straight into or just outside the garage if you intend to lease the unit. It contributes to the creation of privacy and separation from the main house.

3- Garage Conversion ADU

The building framework of the garage unit is used to construct the additional housing unit in garage renovations. Even though it restricts the ADU to the current dimension of the garage, this can be significantly beneficial in many aspects. Garage renovations can be connected or separated from the main house.

4- Basement ADU

A basement suite, such as an in-law suite, is an interior conversion alternative. Basement apartments have a separate outside entrance from the main home, albeit occasionally, you must go via the yard to get to it. Based on the owner’s planned use, an entry to the main house from within the apartment might or might not be required.

5- Backyard Cottage ADU

This form of ADU is essentially a separate living area on your land that has the appearance and feel of a house but on a smaller size. It will require sewage, water, electricity, and other elements, but it is an excellent ADU choice because it is entirely distinct from the main living area.

You can also establish other privacy and devoted access to whoever is using the unit by cordoning off an area of the property where the ADU is erected. Besides, the design and positioning of this ADU are two factors that you must consider.

The Takeaway

It might be tough to determine which Accessory Dwelling Unit is ideal for your lifestyle and budget. That is where your designer advises you on alternatives and what is best for you and your residence.

Whatever additional unit you create, you can be confident that you are adding significant worth to your property. Based on particular circumstances, all five ADU types are excellent choices, and we are delighted to assist you in determining which type is ideal for you.