Having a small bathroom does not mean you can’t create your ideal bathroom. There are so many ways you can make a small bathroom look bigger. It all depends on how you use the space.

Read on to learn the top tips and tricks to maximize your bathroom space on a budget:

1. Add mirrors

The oldest trick in the book, mirrors are a great way to instantly make a place look bigger than it already is. Add lots of mirrors to your bathroom that will give an illusion of space. If you want to go all out, consider mirroring an entire wall. Not only will it look chic but it will make the space look a whole lot bigger than it is.

2. Stick to light colors

Using light colors is another way to make a place look bigger than it already is. This is because light colors reflect more light and allow more light to enter. Therefore, using light paint colors on the walls of your bathroom will make it seem more open and big. You can use anything, from whites to other neutral colors, that will also look trendy and sophisticated.

3. Install a glass shower door

Remove the shower curtain and add a glass door instead. That way, the area won’t look limiting and it will open up the space. Glass is also a great reflector of light so that will help make your bathroom look bigger. For an even more effective touch, consider not using a frame at all.

4. Make use of natural light

Lighting plays a key role when you are trying to make a place look big and open. What better use of lighting than natural lighting itself. If a space is dingy, it will look dark and smaller. Therefore, make sure to have huge windows that will let the light in and make your area look larger than it is.

5. The ceiling and the walls should be the same color

Your mind is a powerful tool and plays tricks on you. If the color of your bathroom ceiling and walls is the same, it will make the space look much bigger. However, if you use different colors, it will just make the bathroom seem smaller than it really is.

6. Add Open shelving

A shelving unit will make your bathroom look confined. Instead, add open shelves to make the bathroom look more spacious and airy. These shelves add more depth to a space, making it look bigger.

7. Use the same materials

Use the same materials for your flooring in the entire space as opposed to dividing the shower with the rest of it. Too many different materials create divisions and make the area seem a whole lot smaller.

Each of these tips can maximize and transform your bathroom space. If you haven’t tried them out yet, what are you waiting for?