The bathroom is the most complex room in your home so it can be a challenge to renovate it. However, nothing can be more fun, especially when you have covered all the basics. Once you have done that, you can kick back, relax, and watch the remodeling unfold while you let the renovators do the hard work. Here are some ways you can make the most of your bathroom renovation. 

The Blueprint 

Before starting the renovation, it is a good idea to have your designers create a bathroom plan on paper so that you and the contractors are on the same page about how the bathroom will look and how much it will cost. Since this creates clear expectations, it will prevent you from making last minute changes and incurring a higher cost. 

Keep in mind, though, that any special features in the bathroom may not be visible on the blueprint like backlit mirrors or video or audio systems. These will be added later once the bathroom has been constructed. 

The Plumbing 

Most plumbing in houses uses 1.5-inch pipes for drainage. As you probably know, hair, soap debris, and other gunk can block your bathroom pipelines in record time. So it is a good idea to widen your pipes if you can since it will prevent them from clogging frequently. The cost difference between a 1.5-inch pipe and 2-inch pipe is very small, but it can reduce significant plumbing maintenance for you. 

In addition, if you live in a place which sees freezing winters, it is important that you do not snake your bathroom pipelines through the exterior walls as it can cause them to freeze and burst. 

The Lighting 

While renovating your bathroom, you should consider getting recessed lighting fixtures in your ceilings. This not just brightens up your room without creating a harsh glare but also looks stylish and beautiful. A great idea is to install a dimmer switch as well that can help you adjust the lighting according to the mood. 

You should also consider LED lights for your mirrors, which can help you see clearly while shaving or applying makeup. Another great option is to get back-lit mirrors that give soft lighting and can double as a night light. 


You want your bathroom to last a long time and to cater to people of all ages. Even if you are young and fit, it is a good idea to install easy-to-grip ergonomic lever faucets as well shower handles that can help you maintain your balance on the slippery floor. If you have elderly in your home, you should place grab bars about 33 to 36 inches above the floor so that they are easy to grab on to. 

Some other features that you can add to your bathroom is an easy-to-get-into tub, a barrier-free shower, a lower sink height, and a wider bathroom door. 

Toiletry Cubbyholes 

Clunky over-the-head shower organizers and cabinets are fast becoming things of the past. These days, people prefer small cubbyholes or niches set into the shower wall where you can place your soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries without taking up stall space. 

To make sure the cubbyholes are low maintenance, you should get the base lined with a piece of stone or countertop so that you won’t have to go through the effort of scrubbing off soap from the grout lines. 

Shower or Tub 

When deciding whether you need to install a shower or a tub (or both), you need to ask yourself how many baths you take in a year. If you have time to regularly soak in a tub, then it is a good investment. But if you only use the bath infrequently, you need to consider whether spending money on it is a good idea. 

The bathroom is the smallest and most complex space to remodel in your home. Because of multiple plumbing and electricity wires, it can take longer to renovate this room than other rooms. It is also smaller than your other rooms so a full team of workers cannot work inside it simultaneously. 

You should expect the remodeling to be done in phases. First, the demolition team will come in and then the framer will do the work. The plumbers will work on it next and the last will be the electricians. The bathroom will also need to be inspected before all the walls are tiled.  

Just exercise a little patience and you will have the bathroom of your dreams in no time.