Those blank walls in your home have a lot of potential to impress visitors. You can style them up in different ways to infuse flair and character to your space.

No matter whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling bungalow, a dressed up wall is always preferable to an empty one. Here are 8 appealing ways to decorate a blank wall in your home:

  1. Large Artwork

If you have a huge blank wall in your house, consider hanging a large painting or photograph to grab your guests’ attention. If you have a minimalist setting, you can opt for a monochromatic photo. Alternatively, you can add color by going for a bright abstract piece.

  1. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can showcase a collection of photographs or art pieces. You can choose to hang simple and similar frames or throw in a variation for a unique look. Extend your gallery wall all the way up to the ceiling to make your space appear larger.

  1. Build a Bar

If you want to make your wall useful, transform it into a home bar. This is an especially suitable idea for blank walls in your living room or patio. This way, not only will your wall have a purpose, but a crafty bar would act as a focal point of the room.

  1. Make a Workspace 

As COVID-19 has limited human interaction and made working from home a norm, you are likely to benefit from a workstation at your place. You can fix a wall-mounted desk on a blank wall and add a chair to complete your home office.

  1. Greenery

Plants complement all kinds of living spaces and have the added benefit of purifying indoor air. You can get shelves built to keep an assortment of small plants, hang plants from the ceiling, or place a tall, potted plant against the wall to complement piece of art.

  1. Fireplace

A statement-making fireplace can cover a bare wall and add a cozy vibe to your living room. While it can serve as a piece of art on its own, you can further beautify it by placing showpieces on the mantel or hanging a photograph right above it.

  1. Mirror

Pick a mirror with a unique design to decorate a blank wall in your home. It helps reflect light and gives the illusion of your space being much larger than it really is. You can opt for a creatively shaped mirror so that it can double as a wall sculpture or art piece.

  1. Bookcase

If you are an avid reader, what is a better choice for your blank wall than a bookshelf? If the wall is wide enough, you can even think about a full bookcase system. Place your favorite collection of books on the shelves to impress your guests.

If your space is small you may be hesitant to decorate a blank wall in your home, thinking it may lead to a cluttered look. This is far from the truth, as the right kind of décor for your wall size can do wonders to your space.