The thought of any visitor popping by to spend a few nights can send chills down your spine when your guest room isn’t guest-ready. Most people neglect their guest bedroom and transform it into a dumping ground for their useless furniture and other unnecessary items. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to turn over a new leaf and make some much-needed changes. After all, your guests should be able to enjoy a relaxing and comforting stay in a soothing environment that allows them to feel loved and well-rested.  

Here are some tips to decorate your guest bedroom that can easily transform the space to make it extra cozy and welcoming.  

  1. Start with the Walls 

The walls of your guest bedroom are a great place to start with your refurnishing. If you’re bored with the plain white walls, don’t be afraid to try out something new. Go bold by opting for a bright color or a fun wallpaper. A green and blue palette looks very chic while exhibiting a welcoming and sophisticated look. Grays, blues, and greens are generally pretty great go-to hues that can spruce up any space. An accent wall is also always a fantastic option.  

  1. Lighting is Everything 

You can get everything right in a space, but lighting is the determining factor that can make or break the final look! Warm lighting creates the perfect cozy environment that most people want in their rooms. When it comes to lighting, feel free to experiment with some attractive wall lights. However, remember to place most of your focus on finding the right bedside lighting. If you already have table lamps, consider switching out your old lampshades with new ones that match your newly renovated room.  

  1. Mirror It Up 

Most travelers miss the full-length mirror they have back home. So, it’s always a great idea to give your guests something they want. Moreover, strategically installing big mirrors can make a small space appear larger and airier.  

  1. Cozy Seating is Always Welcomed 

The best way to utilize space in the guest bedroom is to create several different areas for your guests to hang out and enjoy themselves. You don’t necessarily have to create a whole new seating area in the room; adding even just one cozy chair can help create a relaxing spot for your guest to sit and read or simply put their shoes on.  

  1. Art Groupings Work Great 

Groupings of art can help any space look more purposeful and pulled together. Using the same frames can bring about some much-needed cohesiveness and uniformity, making a room appear more homely and put together. You can either try out simple variations of the same piece or opt for the same type of art while making sure that you use the same frame type for all.  

  1. Make it Luxe 

Regardless of the type of setup you have in the guest bedroom, try and make the bed feel as luxe as possible. If you’ve offered your guests to stay over at your place rather than the hotel, then why not provide them with the luxurious hotel experience? High-thread-count sheets, a duvet, and extra pillows can go a long way in making your guests feel relaxed and happy.  

  1. Utilize Space Wisely  

If your guest bedroom is small, don’t overlook any space as an opportunity to make it functional. Shelves are always great in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Perhaps you can add a storage bench at the end of the bed or place a wicker basket under a bedside table. Either way, utilize your space as wisely as possible.  

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to creating a beautiful and cozy space for your guests, don’t shy away from going all in. Most of the tips to decorate your guest bedroom are easy to execute and can go a long way in ensuring that you create the most welcoming space for your visitors.