den, also referred to as a flex room, is that room in the house where everyone can relax however they want; they can play video games, enjoy karaoke or read in peace. As long as it’s designed appropriately to facilitate all the activities people living in the home wish to do, a den provides everyone with the space to unwind as they please. Simply put, a flex room is a shared space in the house that doesn’t have just one purpose to serve but is multifunctional. 

Being a communal spot, the den is readily used, so it’s only fair that a homeowner invests in its décor. Whether someone has a large flex room or a tiny little den, they should work to make it as snug as possible. And contrary to popular belief, small living spaces are just as capable of being cozy as the bigger ones. As long as you are dead-set on making your flex room into a cozy retreat, you will create a cozy den regardless of the size. And to help you do so, we have a list of tips to convert a dingy den into a cozy cocoon for the family. 

Choose A Light Lacquer 

The paint in a room plays a crucial role in establishing the vibe; if you color the walls with dark pigments, you will create a bold aesthetic, provided that you choose tasteful colors. Similarly, if you stain the walls in pastel shades, the vibe established will most likely be calm and subdued. Suffice to say that paint heavily impacts the look of a place. So, naturally, if you want your den to be warm and welcoming, you need to paint it in lighter tones of cool colors as they are soothing for the eyes and lend a cozy vibe to the surroundings. 

Pastel blue or light mint green is an ideal choice for a den. And if you wish to bring in a little drama, paint the feature wall dark teal. 

Avoid Cramming the space 

Many people make the mistake of overcrowding their dens with unnecessary furniture pieces to provide ample seating space, not realizing that they are stuffing up the place. A cramped up room can be overwhelming and even get a little suffocating- not something you want to happen with a den! 

So, try not to place too many chairs and tables in your flex; instead, keep the furniture to the minimum. And if you are worried about now having enough space for sitting, lay a wall-to-wall carpet with floor cushions and lightweight bean bags (or other similar furniture pieces). You can also choose to eliminate all chair-like elements and keep the seating arrangement restricted to the floor. Doing so will give you plenty of space to accommodate all family members at once. 

Use Fabrics 

Styling a den with an assortment of fabrics is a fail-safe way to make the space cozy. Place a plush rug with thick floor cushions, add jewel-toned ceiling-to-floor curtains. And if you have a large flex room, you can keep an oversized comfortable couch with a fluffy throw on it to make the place dreamily cozy. 

Parting Thoughts 

Don’t let the multifunctional nature of a den stop you from decorating yours because you don’t want to turn it one-dimensional. And as evident from our tips, there are multiple ways of doing up a flex room while keeping it multidimensional. So, turn your den into a homey bubble of sorts where you and your family can zone out from the world and relax.