Backyards are supposed to be an escape – a place that you go to when you want to shake off a bad day or simply get away from all the noise indoors. However, the cluttered patio furniture, children’s toys, and bird poop are enough reason to avoid the backyard in all cases, regardless of how wonderful the weather is.

The truth is, there are numerous ways you can transform it into your dream space. A backyard is not supposed to be just another work project that you feel inclined to fix. It is supposed to be your safe haven! Here are some things that you can do to make it more welcoming.

1.   Clean Up the Mess

Is your yard super cluttered, so much so that you bump into overgrown hedges, toys, swings, and furniture each time you set out?

When transforming your backyard, the best way is to start with a clean slate. Take toys indoors, donate swings if your children have outgrown them, or trim overgrown trees. If you find any broken pieces of furniture, try to recycle them or relocate them indoors in spaces they fit in. Remember, a backyard should provide four main things- shade, fresh air, a good view, and the sun.

2.   Pay Attention to the View

Do you like in a space that is surrounded by beautiful trees, scenery, and wide farmlands? Consider yourself lucky!

When transforming your backyard, make sure you pay specific attention to the natural view. Ensure that trees and hedges are not coming in the way and the outdoor furniture is not creating a barrier. Moreover, the landscaping should not compete with the outdoor views- instead, it should blend in with the environment.

3.   Seating is Everything

What fun is a beautiful backyard if you do not have an appropriate seating arrangement? Disclaimer: Hard surface chairs are not comfortable!

When picking out your outdoor furniture, opt for some deep seating set, along with some lounge chairs that allow you to stretch out in the sun. Make sure to get a standing umbrella with your seating arrangement- after all, UV rays from the sun are harmful.

For ultimate relaxation, add a hammock! Think about all the days you can spend outdoors, lounging in your hammock while reading a book and sipping some lemonade.

4.   Water Element

What better water feature in a backyard than a swimming pool? Of course, a pool is enough to break your bank. However, that should not restrict your options.

The sight and sound of water are known to help the body relax and block out a stressful day. If you do not have the budget or space for a pool, don’t fret. Here are some other water options that can blend into your backyard:

  • Wading pool
  • Fountain
  • Garden pond
  • Birdbath
  • Koi pond

5.   Be Careful of Privacy

If you plan to transform your backyard and spend significant time outdoors, privacy is one of the first things you need to be mindful of. We live in a curious society in which neighbors and strangers like to keep track of what is happening around them, even if it does not concern them.

To create some privacy, all you need to do is divide your backyard using some tactfully-positioned screens. You can also use fences or hedges that are pruned at a suitable height. Not only will this add to your backyard aesthetic, but it will also create a mysterious vibe.

Remember, carve out a budget and lay out a specific plan before you start transforming and renovating your backyard!