A fireplace is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing feature of the living room. During winters, it makes you feel warm and serves as a hub in the room. The appearance of a fireplace may enhance or break a room’s decor. 

If you want to improve the appearance of your fireplace, utilize these fireplace design concepts to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Select Complementary Harmony Paint

Paint a perfectly shaped fire surrounding a vivid prominent color to attract attention. A splash of cheerful yellow will add warmth to a chilly, neutral style and ensure that the fireplace is the room’s central feature.

Using a neutral hue on the walls, combined with light-colored furniture and soothing tones, promotes a sense of spaciousness in a living room where the backdrop colors do not compete for attention. Complement a yellow hearth with a few additional yellow accessories in between.

  • Floor to Ceiling Fireplace 

Nothing asserts “wow” like a fireplace design stretches up to the ceiling, and it is especially true if the room in which the fireplace is located has a high ceiling. Incorporating natural stone surrounds creates a spectacular graphic representation, reaching right up to the vaulted ceiling, attracting the eye upwards, and accentuating the room’s height and structure.

  • Consider Getting an Open Fireplace

One of the most popular fireplace options is an open fireplace. It may be a spectacle from every viewpoint, much like an outdoor bonfire. Classical fireplaces only have one view, and an open fireplace is beautiful and evocative from every perspective. 

Allow the open fire to be the focal point of your gatherings with friends and family within the coziness of your ultra-modern home. And, of course, ethanol fireplaces eliminate the odor and mess associated with a conventional fire.

  • A Fireplace Made of Cast Iron

When it comes to medieval fireplace designs, cast iron fireplaces are among the most popular options. While instantly identifiable as a vintage design, they are nevertheless considered fashionable for individuals who want to add a little personality to their decor.

When purchasing a new cast iron fireplace, you have a few alternatives. Which one you select is determined by the style you want to accomplish and if you want a gas, electrical, or solid fuel fireplace.

  • Style It Up with Modern Tiling

Choose a fireplace encircled by heat-resistant tiling for a new, contemporary effect. Ceramics look fantastic around a sunken fireplace and are simple to install. You can pick from a diverse range of colors and textures, just as with other types of tiles. This style is great for newly constructed homes and modernly furnished apartments.

Begin by considering your fireplace design, including how to enclose it with either glass or by complementing it with bookshelves. Make a central focus with artistry above or frame it with a cluster of glass. Add eccentric d├ęcor or pull out some chairs and sofas to create a pleasant meeting place.