Is cooking something you essentially enjoy but avoid because you can’t bear the look of the boring walls and designs? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

With our 7 creative ways, you can completely renovate your kitchen and make it your favorite place in the house. Not only will you love to hang around there, but you will start to enjoy cooking again, so if you don’t want to miss out, keep reading.

  • Strike A Balance

In the kitchen, balance is everything! Dark and moody tile walls, along with sleek backsplash and stainless steel appliances, give a glammed yet aesthetic look, while the wooden tones give it that classic touch of warmth. To encourage yourself to cook more, add just enough color, design and style and believe me, you’ll find yourself hanging out in your kitchen all the time.

  • Spice Up the Curtains

Sometimes cafe curtains work. Hang some chic-looking curtains for a sweet and playful feel that gives a bit of privacy without blocking light. For cohesion and hidden storage, you can utilize wallpapers or fabric to complement your cabinets, but remember, whatever you choose should go well with the final look. Bring the kitchen to life; paint the floors a fun, checked pattern.

  • Tile Up Your Hood

Cover your hood with the same material as your backsplash to give it a clean look. You can always disguise bulky appliances with sleek handmade tiles and trust me, this contrast is everything! It makes cleaning the whole surface easier and helps bounce light creating a cozy mood. You can also use Lacquer, marble or tiles to enhance your overall look. 

  • Get Inspiration from Professional Kitchens 

For a cozy and homey look, some sample kitchen designs blend rustic wooden stools, shiplap ceilings with more industrial materials for a balanced whole. A skylight can be used for optimal light while cooking.

Additionally, not all pantry goods and appliances can fit in the kitchen; therefore, you can use a closet for easy access from the cooking area. Somewhere in the lounge can be an excellent place to hide this from view. Moreover, textured glass pocket doors and bright red cabinets can be creative and stylish for a classy outlook.

Stained glass can also look good. In an open kitchen, fresh marble counters, Neutral d├ęcor, like a rug, and oceanic artwork strike a balance between formal and casual. This contrast helps to make a tiny space feel dynamic.

  • Tuck It Away

The kitchen can be designed with ingenious small space solutions. You can use folding wood pocket doors, which can aid in hiding the counter and cabinets area against the wall. This could be a game-changer kitchen look in any house, especially a small flat. If cabinet space is small, you can repurpose a dresser to house all of your plates and glasses. 

  • Add a Pinch of Greenery

No space for a greenhouse or garden in your home? You can start a mini plant collection in the kitchen, liven up the whole area without much of a hassle. The glass cabinets can also add interest without making it feel a little cluttered.

  • Embrace Existing Quirks

Think of the exposed pipe in this kitchen as an opportunity for a fun pop of red rather than a design flaw. It helps anchor the kitchen with an edgy, unique, and colorful accent.