Imagine strolling down the street and seeing identical houses with lawns and box bushes. They probably look quite boring, especially when festivities are approaching.

Decorating your window boxes adds character and vibrancy to your outdoor décor. They can uplift dull facades and help your house stand out. Here are X fantastic ideas to beautify your window boxes for the holiday season:

  1. Evergreens and Poinsettias

To give a holiday feel to your home, take some real evergreen plants along with fake poinsettias to spruce up your window boxes. You can even use tree trimmings instead of actual plants.

Mixing together genuine and artificial plants can make your window look like it is decorated with real plants. You can also go for real poinsettias, but they would be unable to survive outdoors if the winter temperature in your region falls below 50 degrees.

  1. Ornaments

Dress up your window boxes using glittery and metallic ornaments to make your windows stand out. They also tend to reflect light and shine easily.

You can choose to first decorate your window boxes with the greens of your choice, and then attach ornaments to the plants to complete the arrangement. It is best to hold them in place using a floral wire so that they do not fall off.

  1. Christmas Lights

If you believe that less is more, simply use strings of Christmas lights to line your window boxes.You can stick them all the way around the window box, or simply tape them on each side for a hanging effect.

Moreover, you can also position these lights atop the plants in your window box to make them sparkle from a distance and add to the delight of your guests. Christmas lights do not consume a lot of electricity and are excellent for boosting the holiday spirit.

  1. Ribbons

Wrap your window boxes with a statement red ribbon to make them look like life-size Christmas presents! Start by placing some real or fake plants in the window boxes. For a neat look, make sure that the height of the greens on all window boxes is approximately equal.

Next, take a broad red ribbon, wrap it around the middle of the window box and tie a large bow in the center. To finish the look, hang a wreath featuring a red ribbon or red ornaments to the sides or center of your window.

  1. Snowmen

If you live in a chilly climate, make some mini snowmen to adorn your window boxes for the holiday season. They are easy to make and serve as an adorable accent.

The activity can be particularly entertaining if you have kids in the house to help you with the décor. Smiling snowmen resting on top of plants would certainly uplift the appearance of your house. You can add Christmas ornaments and pine cones to further enhance the look.

Decorating window boxes for the holiday season can make your home’s façade come to life with light and color. Whether you choose cool greens, vivid ornaments, or bright lights, decked up window boxes are sure to uplift your mood and impress your guests.