Had an ADU built to accompany your home but not sure how to build the perfect ADU kitchen? We’ve got you covered! In order to come up with the kitchen that stops at nothing when it comes to leaving your guests stunned, we have summed up the categories of kitchen that are bound to impress whoever your guest is.

Ensure to follow along the guideline and come up with the perfect choice that best suits your interests and personality. Keep on reading and don’t miss out on anything!

Minimalistic Kitchenette

If you’re not really a party person and don’t host dinners too often then this is the option for you. If you want to make other places of the unit spacious, minimizing the space of the kitchen is the way to go! 

A Cottage kitchen can be the most minimalistic and decent way to go if you don’t plan to host too many dinners or have guests over almost all the time. This way, the kitchen will still shine the same while maximizing other spaces for you to install your interests.

Your Usual Kitchen

If you want your ADU kitchen to align with the look of your main house. Then you can copy and paste the exact look of your usual and standard kitchen. You won’t have to work hard or have several meetings with the builders to help them understand the unique look. 

All you have to do is show them the look of the kitchen in your main house and voila! You have your standard kitchen built in ADU!

Spaciously Extravagant Kitchen

One of the best ways to make your ADU kitchen look extravagant is to choose a spacious look. Extra space is all you need if you’re a cook who loves some extra space to do your little excitement dance eating chopped veggies. 

One advantage you can have is if you plan to make it spacious, you can even add extra features. To make cooking a little exciting for the guests, add in the electronics to spice up the cooking, not literally, though, making people hiss with a burning mouth.

Dine-In Kitchen

To amp up the entire look of your kitchen, you can add dine-in to your ADU kitchen. Have your guests eat just cooked meals so they feel the extravagant taste of the meal as you take it off the stove right then and there.

Make sure to place the crockery beforehand so you don’t have to rush for the plates and dishes when taking the meal off of the stove. You won’t even have to walk long feet just to be able to refill the water jug or get some extra glasses for drinks!

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve come this far, I’m sure you have your mind made up about the kind of ADU kitchen you want to go for. Make sure to choose the one that best settles your mind and watch your ADU kitchen shine like no other.