Are you looking to add value to your home? Better go for a backyard home! Over time, backyard homes have quickly become a trend and the most demanded space in real estate. You can now quickly build an ADU in your backyard. With all construction and appliances in the backyard home of the United Dwelling, the only thing you have to do is decide on the interior designs for your ADU. Small spaces can be complicated to navigate regarding interior design; therefore, here are some best ADU designs that inspire you!

  • ADU Office Ideas

After COVID-19, most offices let you work from home, making life easy for job bees. You can take full advantage of remote working with your ADU office. Keep your work life separate from your home by incorporating a working lifestyle with the office’s needs. Keep your designs simple yet elegant with appliances such as multi-purpose coffee makers and shelving units for storing documents.

  • ADU Kitchen Ideas

The center of any house is the kitchen. The best ADU kitchens utilize tiny kitchen appliances to their fullest potential. It has never been simpler to add all the high-end equipment you would typically find in a home, such as coffee makers and blenders. You don’t have to worry about gauging mini-fridges and tiny ovens because United Dwelling ADUs are furnished with appliances.

  • ADU Bathroom Ideas

You might choose to go luxurious or straightforward in your bathroom. The ADUs from United Dwelling provides the following:

  • Plenty of dedicated bathroom space.
  • Necessary appliances.
  • A wall-mounted vanity.
  • Under-sink storage.
  • A walk-in shower with a glass enclosure.
  • A window for ventilation and natural light.
  • Garage ADU Ideas

A most trendy option is garage ADU; here are some garage ADU ideas you need to imply to your space.

  • Workshops
  • Recreation rooms
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Reading rooms
  • Playrooms for children

You can have a few customization options for the garage because of the structural consideration. If you have the space to spare, transform your home with a garage ADU.

  • ADU Backyard Sanctuary Ideas

Are you looking for ADU design inspiration for your little retreat in the backyard? A retreat from the activity and commotion of the outer world can be crucial for promoting relaxation and rejuvenation in a busy environment. Another fantastic ADU choice is backyard sanctuaries. With clever, fashionable design, United Dwelling can create everything from straightforward studios to two-bedroom ADUs.

Here are some fantastic suggestions for turning your backyard into a sanctuary:

  • Make space for yoga and meditation.
  • Include a small wine bar in the kitchen. Create your spa-like bathroom. Add a rock garden on the exterior.
  • The secret to creating a backyard hideaway is to design a room with everything you need to disconnect from the outside world. Everybody’s concept of paradise is different; let’s make yours.