Homes that are small and have a limited space come with their own set of unique problems. When the family starts to get bigger, rooms seem to become smaller. You have too many things but limited space to keep them. Your house always looks messy, cluttered and it becomes embarrassing to invite guests to your place.

However, with our smart storage tricks for small bedrooms, you can now easily organize all your belongings.

You will never have to worry about losing your important documents in all that clutter or feel embarrassed about your friend’s unannounced visit. Your bedrooms, no matter how small, will always look clean and tidy.

So, without further ado, let us bring you our smart storage tricks for small bedrooms.

1.   Furnish Your Room with a Storage Bed

In most bedrooms, beds occupy most of the space. After all, it is a bedroom and you need a bed to sleep on. But now with the invention of storage beds, you can get a bed and a storage space, all in a single bedframe. Storage beds have large pull-out drawers underneath them.

You can easily store your extra linen, blankets, clothes or even shoes in these drawers. Storage beds come in all sizes; single, queen, king and can be placed in children’s as well as adults’ rooms.

2.   Bedside Tables with Drawers

Bedside tables with drawers make a smart storage idea. Instead of leaving your valuables on display on your bedside or writing desk, you can store them safely in the drawers of your bedside table. Small items and valuables like wristwatches, cellphones, cell phone chargers, wallets, personal diaries and small jewelry boxes can all easily fit into these medium-sized drawers under your bedside table. Their proximity to your bed helps you feel safe as you know that all your valuables are only an arm’s length away from you as you sleep at night.

3.   Headboards with Shelves

As mentioned before, beds take the central space in bedrooms. It is wise to turn these large, central pieces of furniture into innovative storage spaces. Having beds that have shelves as bedheads allows you to store things behind your bed. You can either convert these shelves into bookshelves, or organize your beauty products on them, such as; perfumes, lotions, creams, cosmetics, etc. Anything works as long as it is not your clothes or innerwear.

For clothes and innerwearstorage, we recommend;

4.   Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are available in two designs. The mirror is either installed on the doors of the wardrobe or inside the wardrobe. These wardrobes have sufficient storage space for both, hanging your clothes as well as keeping them folded in drawers. In the drawers, you can organize your inner garments along with ties and scarves. These mirrored wardrobes are available in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your unique needs.

5.   Mirrored Cabinets on Dressing Tables

If your small room has a little dressing table with a pushed in stool, then we recommend that instead of just having a wall mirror, you should opt for a mirrored cabinet. These sleek-looking cabinets behind your sliding mirrors are ideal for storing cosmetics, beauty products, jewelry and other accessories like sunglasses, hair clips, etc. Just like mirrored cabinets in washrooms, mirrored cabinets on your dressing tables are both, mirrors as well as storage spaces for storing small items.

Final Thought

We are aware that limited storage space can be a reoccurring problem in small bedrooms. It makes your room look cluttered and untidy. But we hope that with our list of smart storage tricks for small bedrooms you will be able to create sufficient storage space within your small bedroom.