A bathroom is one of the most essential and functional rooms in a home. It is, in fact, a space where you start your day and finish it. However, when it comes to renovations and revamping, the bathroom is probably the last on your priority list. If that’s true, then it’s time to change your priorities. Having an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional bathroom can be a real blessing, which is why we’ve put some tips to design a luxury bathroom.

Tips to Design a Luxury Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into an inviting, tranquil, and luxurious space to relax with these design tips.

  1. Change the Showerhead

The shower is always a great place to start when revamping your bathroom. Most bathrooms come with a basic, pre-installed showerhead that is functional without any emphasis on aesthetics. Switching out this routine and basic shower head for a more bespoke and modern design can instantly help give your bathroom a luxurious appearance. Some great showerhead options include:

Rainfall Showerheads

With a modern design and smart water control system, a rainfall showerhead makes the perfect contemporary addition to give your bathroom a luxe look and feel.

Handheld Showerheads

Most handheld showerheads come with a smart water control system, are flexible and practical, and stunning!

  1. Level Up the Lighting

Lighting is one of the key factors that can transform a space from basic to blazing. There are many things to consider when it comes to lighting, including the warmth of the lighting, the fixtures, and of course, the placement. Quality lighting can make all the difference to transform your bathroom from boring to extravagant. Also, getting ready or unwinding in a bathroom with insufficient light or under shadows can be tough.

Improve your bathroom lighting by choosing a combination of white and warm tones. When installing overhead lighting, choose fixtures at a particular angle that allows light to bounce off the mirrors and walls, resulting in fewer shadows and a more refined effect. You can also add LED strips behind the mirror for a cleaner and more sophisticated look.

  1. Add Some Textures

Luxurious bathrooms are all about combining comfort with functionality, and what better to do that than to add some soft textures? Incorporating soft and fluffy textures can immediately improve the bathroom’s appearance and make it more convenient to use.

Good-quality doormats, fluffy rugs, and towels are a few good options to try. Since you can never go wrong with white in the bathroom, adding sectional white mats and rugs can be an excellent way to improve the appearance. Moreover, laying rugs and mats on the tiled bathroom floor can keep your feet warm without compromising on the beauty of the space. Fortunately, various moisture-resistant rugs are available in the market that is perfect for moisture-ridden spaces, such as bathrooms.

  1. Add More Storage

Every good bathroom must have enough storage space to tuck away any extra items lying in sight. Most modern and luxurious bathrooms revolve around minimalism and decluttering, requiring enough storage space to conceal items, such as medicines. D├ęcor-like storage tools, such as baskets, canisters, and glass jars, are also great for storing extra wipes, toilet rolls, or other bathroom items.

  1. Incorporate Wood

If you’re looking to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom, consider incorporating natural timber for some warmth and texture. Wood can help give your bathroom space a luxurious and refreshing feel, making it feel like a sanctuary, a retreat, and a private oasis to restore mental and physical wellbeing.

Designing a luxurious and classy bathroom isn’t the easiest task, but incorporating some of the above tips can help you design the ultimate luxe bathroom quickly.