Designing the interior of a home requires some level of creativity. Whether you want to make your home look bigger or you want to ensure as much storage space as possible, there are certain hacks that must be used.

If you have a beautiful space that you are looking to design, here are a few interior design hacks that will make your journey more creative and less challenging:

1.   Don’t Clutter

Have you ever heard the phrase, “less is more?” This also applies to houses. The idea is to get rid of extra elements, pieces, and even furniture, especially if you live in a restricted space.

This does not mean that your house must be empty or only have space for bare necessities. When designing your home, make sure that you focus on the things that go with the overall vibe of the place and reflect your personality. Do not take everything and try to clutter it in a small area.

2.   Hang the Curtains Higher

Do you want your home to look naturally bigger and more spacious? If yes, this is a hack you must try out.

The best way to give a room the illusion of space is to hang the curtains higher. Installing dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains can help make the space look instantly bigger.

3.   Small Furniture

City living is becoming increasingly popular. You will find loads of brilliant furniture makers spread out in various areas. This means that you do not need to stick to restricted color themes and furniture ideas. With newer times, innovation is on the rise.

An interior designing hack is to opt for small furniture. All you need to ensure if you source the furniture from different vendors is that it matches each other and does not look random.

4.   Neutral Wall Color

Even if you choose some furniture that has a heavier look, the key is to place it smartly. You need to ensure that no space looked overwhelming.

Even though bold walls are slowly gaining popularity, neutral wall colors are still in style. Not only do they help a room look bigger, they encourage a brighter, energetic vibe.

5.   Ditch Overstuffed Sofas

Instead of getting big, grandpa sofas and stuffing them inside the home, another interior hack is to opt for a settee or bench that you can place in your living room. Not only will an oversized sofa restrict space, but it will also eat up floor space, decreasing the range of motion.

What’s more, is that traditional sofas are more expensive as compared to settees. They are also harder to more, and there aren’t many ways you can be unique when opting for a conventionally big sofa.

6.   Wall Mounted Lights

The idea is to make the most of every given surface in your home. No surface should be left untouched. When it comes to interior hacks, the first thing you must understand is that each inch must be accounted for.

To allow more space for furniture and decoration pieces, a good idea is to use wall-mounted lights. This will help you free up space on tabletops where you can add an antique phone or even a photo frame.


Remember, your home should reflect your personality. When renovating, the key is to stay smart and make the most of what you have.