Modern bathrooms are centered on a simple concept: a clean and minimal look and feel. Whether large or small, your bathroom can be transformed into a modern sanctuary for optimal function and relaxation. Since bathrooms are one of the most functional spaces for daily use, it is crucial to design them to suit your personal style and taste. 

Here are some modern bathroom design ideas to transform these basic, functional spaces into relaxing escapes.

Go Minimal 

Minimalism and simplicity are the thumb rules for modern design. The key to creating a modern bathroom is keeping it open and free of clutter. Tuck away your personal items, toiletries, and novelties in classy and space-efficient built-in shelves and cabinets. Keep accessories to a minimum and avoid putting up anything on display. Only add features that keep the area feeling clean, fresh, and distraction-free. Also, remember, nothing screams luxury and minimalist like a slab of well-cut marble. 

Minimalist Faucets and Fixtures

Since the objective is to keep things simple, stick to minimalist hardware that aligns with the overall theme of your bathroom. Avoid the temptation to install overly-sophisticated faucets and fixtures; opt for simple hardware with clean lines and unfussy silhouettes instead. While it’s okay to mix styles and finishes when it comes to hardware, it’s crucial that they be compatible. For instance, if you choose a modern faucet, ensure that all bathroom fixtures follow the same aesthetic. Additionally, remember not to compromise on quality and durability. 

A Touch of Greenery Can Go a Long Way

Some greenery in the shower can give an opulent spa-like experience by creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors. Organic design overlaps with contemporary styles. Hence, adding a houseplant or two in the shower, next to the sink, or on a windowsill can be an excellent way to add some color to your modern bathroom.

Don’t Forget the Lighting 

Lighting is a crucial part of setting the aesthetic and defining the look and feel of a space. Choosing the correct lighting is a considerable component for establishing a modern design style in the bathroom. Since modern design revolves around lines and geometric shapes, make sure to keep that in mind when picking out light fixtures and deciding their placement. Also, the quality of the light is just as imperative as the actual light fixture. Due to their natural light, skylights are a functional trick to create a more modern look and feel. 

A Floating Vanity and Toilet

A floating vanity and wall-mounted toilet scream modern and minimalist by giving the illusion of added space. Opt for a floating vanity that includes enough cabinet and counter space, allowing you to free up your wall and floor space. Most people opt for light or dark wood colors with a clean marble or quartz countertop featuring minimal grout lines. Without the footprint of the pan and cistern on top, floating toilets add lightness and the illusion of added space, making even the smallest bathrooms feel larger and more modern.From bright and cheery to sophisticated and elegant, these modern bathroom design ideas can help create a functional space that you’ll love!