Several houses have a spare room that is often under-utilized. If you have one in your home, you have a blank canvas that can be filled in multiple creative ways. 

Your spare room may currently be an unused area where you have dumped an assortment of items that do not fit in any other space. Here are 4 unique ideas for a spare room in your home:

Home Office

Ever since COVID-19 spread across the globe, the concept of working from home surged in popularity to contain the pandemic. Converting a spare room into a home office is therefore a rather practical idea, especially if you are a workaholic.

A home office would not only house you ideal workstation, but also offer a space to comfortably keep your computer, paperwork, bills, printer, and other work-related objects that often end up taking other spaces in the house.

Dressing Room

Do the large amount of clothes in your cupboard make it rather congested? A spare room in your home can serve as your very own walk-in closet where you can store all your clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories.

You can add a mirror and a dressing table of your choice to make it convenient for you to get ready. If your spare room is small in size, go for a wardrobe with a sliding door to conserve space. Having a separate dressing room offers you the convenience of having all your dressing needs in one place and also frees up bedroom space. 

Kids Play Room

If you have children in the house, what’s better than transforming it into a playroom for the young ones? It would provide a large space for them to indulge in playful activities. 

In a designated playroom, you can keep all of the kids’ toys organized. A good idea is to get a large rug so that it is comfortable for the little ones to sit on the floor. You can stock up all toys, arts, and crafts in one area and save yourself the trouble of monitoring the children throughout the house.

Airbnb Your Room

You can earn a few extra bucks by putting up a spare room on Airbnb. This is an especially lucrative idea if you live in an area frequented by tourists. 

Make sure you set up your room in an appealing manner in order to attract guests. Keep necessities like toiletries, towels, and toilet paper for convenience. A god tip is to keep the Wi-Fi password displayed prominently. Offering a memorable experience to guests will result in good reviews and increase the popularity of your space.

A spare room can be put to different uses depending on which of your needs you prioritize. If you are a busy businessperson, a home office is the best option, while if you have kids around, then a playroom would help keep your house more organized. In any case, organizing a spare room in your home for a purpose is definitely a better idea than leaving it vacant.