Modern design is all about making use of space in the house. It is clever and practical while being aesthetic at the same time. This is especially beneficial for those who have smaller houses. Who said that a space can only serve one purpose? Be creative and use it for a bunch of purposes. To help you out, we have made a list of the top multifunctional space ideas.

1.Kitchen and dining room into one

If you come to think of it your kitchen and dining room don’t have to be separate. It’s actually more fun and practical to have them together. Imagine being able to cook while socializing with your friends and family instead of being cut off. It’ll save a lot more place and will look hip and trendy. You can go for a minimalist style to make it look more sophisticated.

2.Study under the staircase

The place under the staircase mostly always goes to waste, we never even think of it as a legit space except as a dumping ground for storage. However, you can transform the vibe of your house by converting it into a study. All you have to do is add a desk a chair and maybe a bookshelf. Not only will this be a clever use of space but it’ll also make your home look more aesthetic!

3.Bedroom and Lounge

If you do not have enough place in your house to make a lounge, worry not. You can easily turn your bedroom into one! The way to do this is to get a sofa come bed that is a sofa in the day and becomes a bed at night. There are so many of them available out there so take your pick. Not only are they comfortable but they also save a lot of space.

4.Kids’ bedroom and playroom

Make your kids bedroom and playroom into one by creating a mezzanine floor in there. This is easy to do and we guarantee you your kids will love this one. If the room has a bit of height you can do this by creating a loft kind of space on a slightly elevated level which they can reach through a ladder. You can place their bed under it making it a playroom and bedroom into one.

5.Attic into mancave

How many of us actually even use the attic? When was the last time you went up there? Well, it’s never too late to make use of it and turn it into a space that you would use. A mancave sounds like the ideal option. You can put up a TV and a pool table and that’s all it really needs. It’ll be cut away from the chaos of the house so you can use it to relax after work.

Each of these will change the look and feel of your house while making it practical. Pick the ones that appeal the most to you and get started on them!