Bathrooms are one of the rooms in our house where we end up spending the most time. Yet, we don’t give any importance to them.

Not only does your bathroom reflect your personal style, but it is also your personal space where you can unwind after a long day.

 There are countless ways you can do up your bathroom, from adding a pop of color to going the more minimalistic style. Here are the top five ways you can do up your bathroom.


There’s no such thing as too many mirrors! After all, let’s admit it, who doesn’t like looking at themselves all day long? Mirrors have the ability to give a space a royal look and also give it an illusion of space, making it look so much bigger.

You can transform the appearance of your bathroom with mirrors. You can have one central one or perhaps a wall that is fully mirrored for a classy look. It will also come in handy when you are getting dressed.

2.Element of Nature

Use earthy tones and an element of nature if you wish to go for a minimalist, zen look. There are many ways you can do this. It is all about playing with different textures and materials so choose wisely.

One example is using pebbled flooring for your shower, which will make you feel like you’re at the beach. Another option is to place actual pebbles underneath your sink and bathtub. For a rawer look, try using natural stone sinks. They are subtle yet have an impact and will give your bathroom a unique charm.


Don’t be shy when it comes to color. Be experimental and try out different looks. One of our personal favorites is high gloss tiles for your bathroom flooring. They come in almost every color, try something like a forest green to give your bathroom just the edge it needs.

Another option is to have a single colored wall. For instance, you can paint one of the walls mustard or bright yellow, while keeping the rest of the walls white. It will liven up the space and make you happy every time you visit it.


There’s just something about bathtubs that has us drooling all over them. An epitome of relaxation and luxury, you can transform your bathroom by simply placing a bathtub. Get a simple freestanding bathtub that will  look chic and give your bathroom all the spa vibes.

Bathtubs come in many different shapes and styles, so pick one that appeals to you the most. Add some candles and get into it after a long day at work –  you will thank yourself later for it.

5. Greenery

Make your bathroom feel like the good old outdoors. Imagine the feeling of showering in a forest; how cool would that be? How can you do this? Simply by adding a lot of greenery. Get a bunch of lush plants that you can add in corners or as a focal point and see the difference it will make.

Each of the abovementioned bathroom inspiration ideas is unique and will transform the look of your bathroom in different ways. Pick one that resonates the most with you and go for it!