If your bedroom feels dark, dreary or cramped, you can take simple steps to transform its appearance and atmosphere. The best part is you won’t have to spend a major amount on revamping your space.  

With these simple tips, you can brighten your bedroom walls and make your space look aesthetically pleasing: 

  1. Choose a Different Wall Color 

Generally, white walls make an indoor space appear the brightest. The color allows light to bounce around the space and let it reflect onto other objects, making your room appear much larger. 

On the other hand, if natural light does not sufficiently make its way into your room and the space is dark-themed, white walls may not be the best idea.  

This is because there would not be enough light to reflect, making the white walls look dull. In such a scenario, opt for a saturated mid-tone paint color, such as deep green, to add warmth. 

  1. Clean Your Windows 

Did you know that stained windows can make your room appear darker? Geta good quality glass cleaning agent and wash your windows from the inside as well as outside. 

Once your windows are deep cleaned, you will be surprised to see how brightand fresh your room appears. Not only can this make your bedroom appear larger but also offers a dynamic ambience as the day slowly turns into night.  

  1. Hang Mirrors 

Mirrors are a great way to make your space look bigger and brighter, as light easily bounces off them. This tip is especially useful for smaller rooms. 

You can choose to place a mirror on the wall directly opposite the largest window of the room. It will harness the daylight and increase the amount of natural light inside your space. If this isn’t possible, hang a mirror next to the wall lamps or beneath a chandelier. 

  1. Pick Vibrant Wall Art 

Placing a piece of bright wall art can do wonders when it comes to changing the look of your bedroom. It can add a touch of color without overwhelming the room.  

Opt for wall art or decals to freshen up your room without spending a large amount on renovation. Shop around to select the pieces that would go best with your bedroom’s design and color scheme. Wall art can serve as a focal point in your room and grab visitors’ attention.  

  1. Wall Lighting 

If your bedroom always feels dull, try illuminating the walls to boost the ambience.  

You can choose wall sconces to light up dark corners and make your space feel cozy and spacious at the same time. You can also place a wall lamp or sconce on either side of the bed, above the dresser, or above a chair or sofa. Illuminating these areas can ensure that each part of the room remains well-lit.  

Final Thoughts 

Once you have brightened up your bedroom walls, it is time to modify other aspects accordingly. Opt for light-colored furniture in the bedroom so that the light can reflect off it. In addition, go for attractive bedding and pillows to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. 

Décor items, such as plants and flowers, are excellent options for bringing in color and making a statement. You can choose to hang them on the walls or keep them on shelves to add character to your room.