Cleaning a bathroom is the only house chore that everyone would like to avoid, even though it is the most frequently used place in the house. Having a sparkling bathroom that looks squeaky clean and smells fresh can uplift the mood of anyone. You can improve all the bathroom cleanliness and freshness concerns with the right guide!

In this post, we have listed some bathroom improvement ideas that are a great way to kick start an ultimate bathroom refresh!

  • Clean the Clutter 

As we know, cleaning the bathroom seems to be the most daunting task, so let’s start with something simple! If you are one of those people who have accumulated hundreds of large or tiny bottles of hair or skin products over the years, then now it is the time to get them to go at some point. 

Keep the stuff still in your use and recycle and donate the rest. If you don’t want to get a headache from your bathroom improvement, it would be best to do this every 3 to 6 months. It is indeed a great way to keep your mind fresh and also a simple way to refresh and clean your bathroom. 

  • Introduce Fresh Scents Vibes 

This spring, your bathroom needs some new and fresh scent vibes, so let’s introduce some fresh scents to your bathroom! If you have been using those wintery scents for years, swap them out for spring. Pick up the citrusy, herbal, floral, hand soaps along with new big or small candles to amp the bathroom. You can also use room spray to bring a new changeup. 

  • Go For Some Greenery

Adding little greenery can spruce up your bathroom’s scent beyond your imagination! If you have a window in your bathroom, then implement some plant and flora of some strongly scented herbs such as mint or lavender. You can also add a few elegant touch-ups to your vanity by placing the dried herb bouquets in a vase. 

  • Hang Up Wall Art

Wall arts are not only meant to be decorated in a bedroom or living room; sometimes, putting art frames on your bathroom walls can do the magic! You will more likely feel like an actual living space. Inspire your bathroom space with some fun design and wall art design to make it a space you want to be in!

  • Do Not Forget About Ventilation  

Many people keep their bathroom steamy for too long, which is not a good idea! After each bath or shower, it is essential to open up the windows of your bathroom and ventilate the space for more than fifteen minutes. This will make your space get rid of excess moisture, prevent stinky smells and provide fresh air to a bathroom funk. 

  • Use Fragrant Soaps

Nothing feels good than walking into a bathroom that smells like lilacs and cut roses. Keep some of your favorite fragrant body soaps to add those scents. Using aromatic soaps is easy to keep your bathroom space smelling great. You can also have this effect with bath bombs and bubble baths. 

The abovementioned tips are an easy way to improve your bathroom consistently, fresh and clean!