All nature lovers, hop on board! This blog post is the one for you. If like us, you too enjoy the earthly scent of fresh, green leaves, the fragrance of colorful, blooming flowers, then join us as we discover the 5 best ways to decorate a home using plants.

Plants are a valuable gift of nature. They fill our lives with freshness. In their presence, we feel like we are always in tune with nature. Filling our lungs with oxygen, these little wonders do everything in their power to keep us alive and healthy.

Plants are an inexpensive way to decorate our homes. Always seen as an extension of the minimalistic interior designing style, indoor plants add the spark that our homes require.

Without further ado, let’s explore the 5 best ways to decorate a home using plants.

1.   Flowering Plants in Vase as Center Pieces

Anthurium is an indoor flowering plant. It grows well in limited sunlight, soil and water. You can plant anthurium flower in an elegant crystal vase or a porcelain pot and place it as a center piece in your living room. The vibrant red and pink colors of this flower will add the natural punch that your interiors need.

2.   Ivy Covered Walls

Ivy and creepers can be a great way of decorating your walls. Now you don’t have to spend a large amount of money on painting your walls and covering them up with wallpapers. You can just let the ivy take its root and soon enough your entire wall will be covered in ivy.

There are many different types of ivy that you can choose from. Each one has its unique color, shade and texture. There is red ivy, blue ivy, and purple ivy apart from the commonly known green ivy. So, if you need a little privacy from peeping Toms, are reluctant to paint your exteriors again, or just want an ivy-covered house, then try this method.

3.   Windowsill Planters

These are great for homes that have limited space. You can install windowsill planters at your windowsill and plant flowering plants or leafy plants in them. They will be close enough to the window to absorb natural light and rainwater. In the mornings you can sit down with a cup of coffee near your window and inhale the fresh scent of your blooming flowers. Make sure to keep an eye out for hummingbirds, sparrows and butterflies. They love to flutter over flowering plants.

4.   Bedside Mini Plants

If you like to wake up to the sight of green, then this idea will surely delight you. Many mini plants are available online that are ideal to be placed on bedside tables. They require minimal care and still provide all the freshness of traditional leafy plants. You can shop for them here at Amazon.

5.   Roof Gardens

There is nothing more relaxing than a roof garden. On a clear sunny day, a roof garden feels like a little heaven. You can bask in the sun in your roof garden, while reading your favorite novel or listening to your favorite songs. It can be like a patio overlooking the front yard for those who live in sky-high penthouses. In apartments with balconies, the same formula can be applied to refurbish balconies as tiny gardens. Just unroll some Astroturf and place a few flowering plants on your balcony. Lo and behold, you have your personal little garden right there on your balcony. You can sit here and enjoy seeing many sunrises and sunsets with your loved ones.


So, wait no more and fill your home with beautiful indoor plants. Use our guide on the 5 best ways to decorate a home using plants, and inhale the earthly scent of your very own, little indoor gardens.