Is it hard to choose a light for your living room? No worries, this article has got you! With the idea of putting amazing lights in your living room that look more welcoming, this article will solve all your problems of choosing the best lights locations. 

Putting the right light in the right direction is crucial to making your living room more welcoming and relaxing. The best lighting will enhance the overall look of the room and also highlight the décor and architecture. 

In fact, the empty side corners can be filled by putting the right light into such space. It acts as a multipurpose design effect that needs to be used in the right way. From themes to colors all things, all things should be considered equally to maintain a balanced look. This article has covered all the living room lighting ideas that will act as expert advice while designing your living room. 

  • Make Sure the Light Goes with the Living Room Theme

It is important that you choose the lights that go with your living room theme. Be it the color of the bulb you have put in the room or the shade it creates, in both cases; you need to buy the lights that equally go with the living room furniture. 

  • Intimating Low Hanging Lights

A long hanging chandelier or hanging light in a sitting area gives a cozy and intimate look. For instance, an eight-branched light fitting acts as a centerpiece in the middle of the armchair and sofas. Most importantly, this piece should be placed in an area where nobody plans to sit or walk. 

  • Blending Lights with Creativity

The light fitting can be placed in such a way that blends with the background objects and décor. This way, it will enhance the creativity of the overall room. A modern and easiest way to do this is that placing the abstract drawing and neon pieces in the living room will add a subtle artistic look into a room. While for some evening events with your lovely guests, a perfect light will be a good source of partying. 

  • Living room as a Finishing Tool

You must have noticed that the outdoor lights are a perfect standout for your living room. Thus placing the sofas and chairs near the windows will complement your room. But in the nighttime, you won’t be able to get the natural light, and that’s where you need to be a little extra. Bring side lamps and put them near the sitting areas with such dim and soothing light effects. 

  • Setting the 3 levels of Lighting Trend

It’s important to place lights with high, medium and low lighting effects. These 3 levels of lights create an overall glow in the room, which uplifts the mood. This light should be in glass, metal or fabric material to spread the light in textures.

Wrapping Up  

Sometimes over-lighting is one of the biggest mistakes people make in their living rooms. It doesn’t always work as the living area space is used for guests and for a relaxing movie night where light needs to be dim and subtle. 

Enjoy your perfectly lighted living room with these tips!