Kitchen Island is the main attraction of every kitchen, and it is a place where family members gather to enjoy a meal or a fascinating conversation. However, the wrong kitchen island design can spoil all the enjoyment!

If you are planning for a kitchen remodeling, you have come to the right place! This post will help you learn about some mistakes you should avoid while designing Kitchen Island. So let’s begin!

  • Neglecting Kitchen Island Size

The purpose of the kitchen island is to fill some kitchen functions, including cooking, washing up, serving and storage. So, the size of the kitchen island matters a lot as it acts as the center of the kitchen. Keeping a big size of kitchen island may make your kitchen feel more cramped. Similarly, too small a size can make your kitchen look congested too. 

Whether you have a small or large space in the kitchen, it is essential to choose island size wisely. Therefore, you need to decide first which roles your kitchen island fills as it affects the depth and width of your island, specifically if you need a space for major kitchen appliances. 

  • Poor Lighting 

Many people forget that the kitchen island requires as much lighting as other kitchen parts. If you don’t have enough light around your kitchen island, it will make it hard for you to chop and cook food. 

Kitchen island is a focused area; therefore, always look for a good lighting solution that matches your kitchen’s functionality and decoration while upgrading the kitchen. Considering dimmable and accent lighting is a good option as it elevates your space and adjusts to your preference for cooking and dining. 

  • Adding Many Seats at the Bar

Adding seats is a popular option during kitchen remodel. Since Kitchen Island is a freestanding corner, many people overdo adding too many seats at the bar, thinking of it as a table. Remember, your island is not a kitchen table; it is a place for extra storage and workspace. 

It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to sit on the island for every one of your homes, as you may run out of space. Most homes have a dining room anyway, and the island seats are more of a hangout and a place to eat right away than to sit down and eat properly.

  • Forgetting Electricity and Plumbing

We often prioritize its layout and designs during kitchen remodeling rather than electricity and plumbing. Though power and plumbing are not necessary for a great island kitchen, it is still one of the important factors to make it as efficient as possible. 

Power is important for Kitchen Island as it provides a space for cooking and preparing food. On the other hand, plumbing is essential if the kitchen island has a dishwasher or sink. Therefore, in interior design, designers must implement these needs into their daily lives. 

  • Avoiding Budget

While undertaking a kitchen design, you need to consider the budget; make sure that your budget should not exceed 20% of your home value; otherwise, you will go over budget rather than under budget. In expectancy of this unfortunate home renovation, unexpectedly save some of your money.

While remodeling your kitchen island, we hope you will avoid the mistakes mentioned above!